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Electrical Contractors in Calgary: FAQ's Answered

Electrical contractor in Calgary Alberta

Electricity is found everywhere in the modern world, but it isn't always that well understood. For any commercial or industrial facility to operate safely, electrical needs to get the attention it deserves. At Dobbyn Electrical Services Ltd., we provide electrical services in Calgary for a variety of commercial clients.

Here are some of the top questions our Calgary electrical contractors receive.

Q: What do I do if a circuit breaker trips?

A: In order to restore power after a circuit breaker trips, you need to simply locate the circuit breaker box and flip back the breaker that has tripped. First, however, you should find out the cause of the trip. Breakers trip in order to prevent the electrical system from becoming overloaded and potentially starting a fire. Investigate what caused the circuit to overload and make sure you correct the issue before resetting the breaker.

If you can't determine the cause, then it's best to contact professional electrical contractors in Calgary.

Q: What type of lighting should I choose?

A: Choosing commercial lighting is a very important decision. Generally, you want to avoid incandescent bulbs as they are not very efficient and produce a lot of excess heat. LED bulbs, in particular, have very low power usage and an extremely long life, making them worth the investment.

Q: Where do GFCI outlets need to be installed?

A: GFCI outlets are specially designed to shut off if they detect an electrical short, and they are a requirement in Canadian homes and businesses. Receptacles need to have Class A GFCI outlets installed if they are located within 1.5 metres of any shower stall, tub, or sink. This includes any type of sink that is attached to a plumbing drainpipe, such as bar and utility room sinks.

A company providing electrical services in Calgary can help make sure your facility is up to code.

Q: Does my electrical equipment need to be regularly inspected?

A: Yes, any electrical equipment used in a commercial or industrial setting should be inspected on a regular basis. Your electrical contractor will let you know their recommendations for exactly how often this should be depending on how much use your equipment sees.

Q: When should I call an electrical contractor?

A: You should call for professional electrical services in Calgary if you are experiencing issues such as the lights flickering or breakers frequently tripping. Basically, if anything about your electrical system seems to not be working properly, then it should be looked at by a professional.

Dobbyn Electrical Services Ltd.: Calgary's Electrical Contractors

When you have any doubts or questions about the electrical in your facility, it is always best to contact a certified electrical contractor at Dobbyn Electrical Services Ltd. Our family-owned and operated business has been providing high-quality electrical services in Calgary for the commercial and industrial sector since 1974.

Whether you need lighting installations or electrical repairs, don't hesitate to contact our Calgary electrical contractors today.


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