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use in place of concrete pilings for temporary structures, pipe lines, street light bases, small bridges, retaining walls

What Are Commercial Screw Pile Foundations?

A screw pile (also known as a helical pier, or helical pile) is a long steel tube with large welded-on blades that twists into the ground like a giant screw. By drilling a group of these piles into an area, you can quickly build a solid foundation for constructing a whole range of heavy-duty industrial, residential, and commercial projects.


If we had to describe helical piles with one word, that word would be “versatile!” There are few situations where they do not offer a foundation option that is fast, effective, economical, convenient and strong.

Screw pile installation
Screw pile installation

How does it work?

Helical plates are generally welded to a metal shaft which are “screwed” into the ground using hydraulically driven torque motors. By monitoring the amount of torque needed to rotate the shaft, it is possible to determine when the pile has encountered a degree of resistance necessary to support the required load.


Specialty/Custom Projects: From solar farms to temporary structures to streetlights – we’ve got you supported

Advantages of Commercial Screw Pile Foundations

  • No Excavating: This means no backfilling and no mess. Helical piles are routinely installed through existing paving, lawn and foundations with virtually no disturbance

  • No Frost Jacking: Because the piles are always installed below the frost line, they never heave – no matter how severe the winter is

  • Environmentally Friendly, Removable and Reusable

  • No Vibration: Sometimes, pile driving is not an option due to the vulnerability of existing installations. Helical piles are an excellent alternative

  • Year-Round Installation: Bad weather or harsh climatic conditions possess no hindrance as no concrete work is required.

  • Very Fast Foundation Solution: Since Helical piles eliminate the need for any excavation or concrete curing time, time taken to complete the installation is measured in hours rather than days

  • Huge Load Capacity: Pile design and installation services are engineered to meet virtually any required load capacity

  • Flexible: Custom-designed and site-specific engineering

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